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Project Management integration with AI and the importance of generating quality data

PDS Team | Wed Apr 26 2023 | News

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a common tool in the workplace, providing powerful solutions to everyday problem-solving and answering questions in a way that was once impossible. With the emergence of AI technology like Chat GPT, professionals and companies are now exploring the use of AI in new ways, even in the field of Project Management.

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Over the past few years, many experts have articulated the potential impact of AI and ML technologies on Project Portfolio Management. In fact, according to a report by Gartner, by 2030 AI will be able to perform 85% of the tasks of a Project Manager. With the integration of multiple AI technologies, PMOs will be able to create a project manager that can prioritize and select projects with the highest chance of success, monitor them 24/7, and provide support whenever needed. This new kind of project manager will change the way businesses approach project management, leading to greater efficiency and better results.

Generating quality data is now essential for organizations that want to have reliable answers. Ai still is a machine that needs to be fed with data to be processed. AI will generate answers and suggestions driven purely by data, so it is important to search for mechanisms that will generate good quality data for your organization.

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At Project Data Suite, we understand this need and have developed PDS Snapshots, which provide a summary overview of changes made to project tasks. This helps measure the work of your team and identify risks on task completion before they become a problem. Eventually, task data snapshots can be connected to a Power BI report, generating valuable data pools for project managers (or AI) to make better decisions. Snapshots can summarize the work done of your organization and provide you with information necessary to evaluate the performance of your resources and help you to prioritize the use of them for the next projects.

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In conclusion, AI is changing the way we approach project management, and with the continued development of new AI models and integrations, the possibilities for PMOs are endless. By taking advantage of AI technology like PDS Snapshots, we can make better decisions, improve collaboration, and achieve successful outcomes for our projects.